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Our purpose

is to capture #AllThingsKASI today. For tomorrow.

We are a media, training and technology solutions and services company that exists to upskill young people, promote digital inclusion in township and rural communities, create jobs and capture the news, places, stories, events and #AllThingsKASI in the communities we cover.

To do this, we collaborate with organisations and individuals to create content and impact programs.




Media, Sales & Advertising Professional, Boss Lady.



Design Strategy Student, CRM Architect, eBook Publisher

What got us started...?

7.8 million people are un/under-employed.
We have an economic & societal crisis!

The official unemployment rate in South Africa is in excess of 34%! The unemployment rate among youth (15-34 years) was 46,3% in Q1, 2021 and the rate was 9,3% among university graduates. Shocking!!!

We felt compelled to come up with a contribution towards solutions. So we designed a practical approach, behind the #AllThingsKASI platform, in response to the joblessness and sometimes skewed facts crisis affecting African communities. Our aim is to grow the Kasipedia platform and partnerships that solve such problems and ,in many ways, change people’s lives for the better in these African communities.

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