The 18-year-old Golokile Matjila is a Soshanguve based Basic Needs Activist. He collects items such as canned foods and sanitary towels to donate to orphanages around Soshanguve. With the help of friends from SMH Science University, El Deks Catering and Revival Baptist church, Golokile is looking to donate a minimum of 500 cans and 250 sanitary pads to two orphanages this year. Golokile, alongside his partners focus on orphanages because they say orphanages depend on the generosity of good Samaritans which is everybody’s responsibility to help build an inclusive society.

Tsa Pitori had a chat with Golokile about the upcoming Christmas event, where they will be doing some donations to the orphanages.

Q: Why is the event called “Basic Needs Activism Christmas Party”?
A: The reason why the event is called Basic Needs Christmas Party it’s because during christmas parties is when people have the spirit of sharing the gift of love. So naming the event christmas party is to show that people are getting the platform to donate the gift of love.

Q: What is the motive behind this event?
A: Christmas is the perfect time of giving and sharing. So the motive behind this whole event is that we want to give the orphans a sense of belonging. We want to make them feel loved and wanted so they can enjoy Christmas like everyone else. People tend to open their hearts and give more during this time of the year.

Q: Does the event happen annually?
A: No, this is our second event this year but we are planning to host the “Christmas Party” every year to give to the needy.

Q: How is the event going to benefit the community?
A: Once the orphanages are well fed, then crime rate decreases, one of the major factors of crime is poverty, so when we supply people with basic needs, then crime reduces.

Q: How many orphanages have you helped so far?
A: I have worked with one before but now I am working with two orphanages.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve in this upcoming event?
A: I am hoping to bring back the Ubuntu principles and remind the youth of South Africa that there is more to life than blaming the government for everything, every time.

Q: Who are prominent people that will be bracing the event?
A: We have invited Princess of Zion Music Mynqh Rams, alongs side Refilwe, Alima will also be performing, Maphepha the Entertainer from Sosha FM as well as Mrs Maria Mashabela from the Department of Traditional Affairs just to mention a few.

Basic Needs Activism will accept donations of canned food and sanitary towels at Soshanguve Block SS on the 4th December, Soshanguve Block FF on the 5th of December. they will also stop by Soshanguve/Mabopane Station on the 6th of December. The closing event will take place on the 7th of December. Basic needs activism urges people to give a little and help a lot. It urges people to donate and create a brighter future for those who cannot do it for themselves.



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