First impressions are lasting impressions in art; art is an expression of human creative skill and imagination, which anyone can master. Pretoria born upcoming star Peter Tshwale (21) is a future master of art particularly painting, his love for art started at a very young age.

“I have been dreaming of being a professional artist from my primary school days, although I wasn’t too much informed”- Peter. The authentic youngster was born and bred in Ga-Rankuwa and is a committed Christian by faith. Being the vibrant youngster he is, his love for art grew beyond recognition.

“Art as a whole, I started from a young age”- Peter. The young dreamer’s work is very consistent and crystalizing. Having believed in himself, his talent and passion each day pushed him to greater heights.

As an aspiring artist it is important to be consistent, develop your skills and personal vision throughout the journey you take. Peter’s inspiration each day is for him to take art beyond his imagination. The goal driven artists’ strives to see his work motivate other young talented individuals.

“I am inspired to see young people with talents rising and being motivated by me”- Peter. The passionate youngster grew out of his comfort zone by adding Body Art (tattoos) to his passion. He ventured into the stream early July this year (2018).

“Though I had many criticism about body art, I was keen on doing it because it is crazy when it comes to the business part for artists”- Peter. Despite the criticism and challenges he endures each day, the visionary artist is committed to achieve his goal.

Peter wants to maintain his growth, his level of excellence, doing bigger things, armed with a discerning and critical eye to study his strengths and weaknesses. Through it all, the artist aims to inspire and encourage other talented individuals to push themselves to do what they love to the best of their abilities.

The artist wants to follow in the footsteps of his role models Patric Maseko mentor (artists), Master Marema (body artist) and Rock Rorisang (business partner). He also hopes to study further in tertiary and master his skills, become a businessperson and travel the world.

“I want to see myself being a successful businessman in art, owning my own galleries and being an art director, specialist and lecture in higher institutions”- Peter. To see more of the artist’s inspiring work, follow him on Facebook at Peter Tshwale.



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