Living on the streets and having to depend on people’s mercy couldn’t stop this lady from achieving her life dreams. The Soweto born Surreality Dezynz’s CEO, Valerie Shilubane can attest to that. When she lost her mother in 2010, she and her younger brother were left homeless and on the streets. Valerie spent very challenging three months, roaming the streets. Self-motivation and perseverance lifted her from the bottom to the top. Today she is a married woman with two beautiful children and she owns a branding and graphics company called Surreality Dezynz.

Surreality Dezynz was established in 2009 but it has been running for 1 year. The company basically deals with helping individuals, companies and government departments to brand their products with unique personalised creations and images. Valerie runs her branding business from her bedroom in Sunnyside. She says she is using her bedroom as her office at the moment until she and her partners raise enough funds to move to a bigger space.  ‘’I am looking forward to moving out of my bedroom and get an office at Centurion because Centurion is where a lot of customers are at”-she said.

Valerie says she started her branding business mainly because she wanted to feed her family. ‘’The unsettling feeling of not knowing where my next meal will come from was unbearable to a point where I had to pick up myself and start working’’- she said. South Africa is facing a high rate of unemployment; Valerie says she did not want to be part of the statistics.

Valerie describes herself as a natural creative and her partners as highly skilled and qualified artists, together they make magic when it comes to transforming their client’s dreams to reality. Surreality is gaining growth rapidly, Valerie says people are very fond of their work. ‘’People love our work to a point where they do not want to go to printers when we are done with their products”. So they insist that we print for them. “Some go to an extant of bringing printing jobs to us”-said Valerie. Surreality’s clients trust them, they even recommend them to other clients.

Surreality Dezynz aims to educate people and give back to the community. ‘‘We educate people on understanding their brands and what impact they have in the world that is on business level because companies and individuals form a community’’-Valerie Said. Every year, Surreality Dezynz, alongside Unrestricted Angels host the annual June 16 event. The event aims to raise funds for the less fortunate. Every year, Surreality Dezynz raise and donates food and clothes for the needy. Besides branding and graphics, Surreality Dezynz offer marketing and digital branding. Great service provider and good client relationship has been the key survival of Surreality Dezynz.

Valerie says “when you want to pursue business, just go for it. Only when you are passionate and sure that you are ready to pour blood sweat and tears into your business to make it a success. She says business is not for faint hearted”.



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