A small effort goes a long way, on this dose of your most reliable source of local content we bring to you a young lady with big dreams of changing the world with her positive attitude. Kabelo Elizabeth Mokgoshi is a 20 years old social activist from Hammanskraal who gave birth to the brilliant initiative called Play Your Part. Kabelo matriculated in 2015 and has recently qualified as a certified make-up artist who graduated at JRS Arrupe Women’s Centre, Cosmetology Course. “I’ve always been an extrovert and had interest in gymnastics, art and fashion hence I chose to pursue the beauty and fashion industry”-Kabelo.

Play Your Part was founded on the 18th July 2018 through the 67 minutes for Madiba outreach held at one of the local orphanages in Hammanskraal. “We donated food, clothes and spent the day at the orphanage, it was a great success”- Kabelo. Kabelo is looking to grow Play Your Part into an advocate for social cohesion in her community to help alleviate poverty, crime and substance abuse. She pleads with members of her community especially youth and business to come forward and join her in this endeavour.

“Our objective is to have conversations with youth and find out what constitutes their day to day challenges”- Kabelo. This goal driven young lady gets her inspiration from people like Mr Patrice Motsepe and hopes one day she can affiliate herself with influential people in the country and throughout the globe.  “I dream and aspire to be a respectable public figure, assist in jobs creation for the youth and sponsoring facilities for the homeless”, said Kabelo.

Kabelo pleads with youth from her community to come together and uplift each other in their challenges and triumphs. “We are currently pulling resources together in attempt to host a community service programme focused on local youth”- Kabelo. Play Your Part is still trying to find its feet and depends on members and youth of Hammanskraal to succeed. “Its aim is to unite people and show Ubuntu by helping those in need and in destitute”- Kabelo.

When asked what makes Play Your Part so different from other NPOs involved in community development the confident young lady replies, “Most NPOs are subjective to one or two issues at most we are diverse and try address any social ills affecting the community of Hammanskraal”. Amongst others Play Your Part concerns itself with matters including unemployment, poverty, abuse, disabilities and other epidemics.

“To every young person with big dreams just like me and those currently facing difficult situations stay focused and never give up on your dreams”- Kabelo. You can stay in touch with Kabelo on Facebook as Kabelo Mokgoshi, Instagram as Kabelo_labeth and on Twitter her handle is @Mokgoshikabelo



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