Black owned catering company called El Deks is making waves in the catering industry in Jozi. EL Deks is led by Mr Harry Mangwana alongside his managing director Mr Sonwabile Mbovu. The company got its name from the chief executive officer, Harry Mangwana. ‘EL DEKS’ basically means the high place or the centre stage. The catering company was founded in 2016 on a project basis. In 2017 Mangwana decided to operate fully, so the business has been running for a year now within the bounds of an effective team. El Deks is located at a Johannesburg township known as Orlando East in Soweto and recently have set up new base in Tshwane/Pretoria.

El Deks catering company is a full service catering company that aims to provide a well-designed service and good food quality. Mangwana’s biggest mission is to take the art of cuisine to the next level and introduce their clients to the most memorable experience of good food. El Deks offers food with a healthy balanced diet that can contribute towards making any form of gathering whether it is a birthday celebration, work function or wedding to be memorable.

When Mangwana started his catering company, he had to think about the future of the next generation in the field of entrepreneurship and catering. “I felt obliged to play a part in my community and contribute to the economy”- said Harry. El Deks creates job opportunities for the youth in the community. It encourages the youth to believe in their dreams and make them happen. Harry said, starting his catering business in Orlando East was a great business idea because his intention for the company was to see his business operation within the Gauteng province as a whole with growth to be a national company.

The catering company have 3 full time employees and five-part time employees currently. El Deks does not only offer employment to people from Orlando East. It also employs people from around Soweto and some parts of Johannesburg and Pretoria. Mangwana said when they employ a person, they look for qualifications and some experience from the field.

El Deks Catering is a division of El Deks Enterprises. Besides catering, it offers services such as investment, property development and business development. El Deks receives very positive reviews from their clients. “it is very exciting to hear from our clients. They are very happy especially with our services and food”-Mangwana. El Deks is a three course type of company, they also make tailor made menus for their clients. They also give their clients’ menu an El Deks touch.

Mangwana said to keep their business running smoothly and accepted to the community, they build relationships with their clients. They ensure that they always find a possible way to meet them half way.  A piece of advice from Mr Mangwana to a new entrepreneur who would like to venture into entrepreneurship and catering is, they must keep their commitment to their clients, be honest and go extra miles and refine the image and values of their company.



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