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How many times have you heard the words ‘you can achieve everything you put your mind to’? Well the thing about clichés is that they are relevant because they have been tried and tested successfully over and over again. This week we are going to look at the life and career of one of the elite and prominent figures of our time, a true inspiration and leader at his own right. Sir Victor Seshoka is a living testimony that hard work and dedication always yields positive results.

Sir Victor Supulugane Seshoka is a multi-facet individual juggling his time between being the CEO of Kgalalelo Education Foundation, the Director of Supulugane Trading Investments, an author of numerous books to date, life coach and inspirational speaker just to name a few. “ I was inspired to be an entrepreneur whilst in tertiary where I started selling perfumes, I then joined a network marketing business and then eventually started doing motivational talks, which in turn sparked an interest to continue with  my passion for writing”- Sir Vic.

Sir Victor Seshoka was born in Limpopo in a village called Modubung. He started his primary school at Shotong Primary School then went to Modika Secondary School before matriculating at Modika Secondary School. He currently resides in Centurion with his wife and children. “I grew up staying with my grandmother who had tacit influence in my life”- Sir Vic. Family has always played an instrumental role in the life of Sir Victor Seshoka even when he was pursuing his goals from a relatively young age. “I established my publishing company at the age of 24 at that time I was the youngest to own a publishing company with the help of my girlfriend who is now my wife”- Sir Vic.

It wasn’t always an easy journey establishing a career as an entrepreneur for Sir Victor Seshoka and amongst others he faced great challenges when he pursued his passion for writing. “There were many challenges in starting a career in writing as at the time the industry was dominated by white people who didn’t make it easy to navigate through but I persevered and pulled through”- Sir Vic. Up to date he has published five books namely “See the promise”, “Pay the price”, “Worship from a pure heart”, “From Dreams to Reality”, “Overcoming Failure” and “Still Under Construction”.

“I am currently working on two books titled ‘Captured by Success’ and ‘Addicted to Success’, I’m also working on three other books by different authors and lastly working along with my 11 year old daughter on her book”- Sir Vic. He went on to express that the highlight of his career has been seeing his books reaching countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique and the UK. “My short term goal is to build a library in my village in 2019. I believe in leaving a legacy not a vacancy”- Sir Vic.

To stay in touch with the highly inspirational gentleman follow him on Facebook: Victor Suoulugane Seshoka, Twitter @VictorSeshoka, and Instagram: Supulugane also like his fan page: Sir Victor Supulugane Seshoka.



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