The art of writing is a rare skill one can use to time travel, yet very hard to master for many. Everyone has a story to tell be it based on personal experience or their observation of particular events they have witnessed in their lives. Frans Monakisi is an aspiring author, pilot, poet and entrepreneur who dreams of one day cruising the skies as a commercial pilot. The young lad from Mamelodi is a mentor with Wonders of Aviation which brings awareness to young people from previously disadvantaged communities about career opportunities in the aviation industry.

Frans Monakisi recently founded a clothing brand called Runway 21 which is inspired by his passion for flying. In 2018 he published a book consisting of short poems called ‘POET IN ME’. I had the privilege to read the book and today I am going to share my opinion as a fellow writer on the book with you. First and foremost allow me to say having had the liberty to have one or two intellectual conversation with the lad, I can without fear or favor say Frans Monakisi is a down to earth and dedicated young person with a bright future ahead of him.

After a brief copyright passage on the first page and appreciation by Wonders of Aviation the first thing you come across is a quote from Frans. “Pass me a torch while I’m still young so when I grow older and wiser I may grow wings and fly. So if I never touch the sun, I will call the sky my home”.  Shortly after that you come across a page with acknowledgements.

One thing you will surely not miss when reading this book is Frans’ love for flying which is best encapsulated in the first poem you come across called ‘THERMALS IN THE SKY’. He goes on to write about flying in several poems, in a way which will make you fall in love with travelling and planes per say. However by no stretch is the book one dimensional or a pilot journal. He also exhaust the topic great poets have come to be known for ‘Love’.

My favorite poem in the book although I have a few which I have read and connected to has to be one called “I TOO BLEED PRETORIA”. This is the last poem in the book and it is by far the most relevant to challenges and realities we encounter as youth of today. One of the passages in the poem reads “I am the youth of my time unlike the old I face nyaope in the streets, I’m shackled by the chains of the mind a programming that hinders my soul from being free, my melanin seems to continue to close doors than open any, I paid my dues at school like many but why does my dream drift further and a cashier chair and uniform seem to creep closer”.

In conclusion I can proudly say Frans Monakisi is a good role model and future leader of our time in his own right. I enjoyed this collection of short poems and I would suggest you go get your own copy. For bookings and to order your copy of the book contact Frans on 0849728588/0764533002 or email or simply add him on Facebook account: Frans Monakisi.



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