After attending a relative’s funeral in Limpopo in 2015 that was poorly organized due to most of the family members being based in Pretoria, Karabo Motshwane Director of Diphiri.com realized that this dilemma was not a rare one matter of fact most families found themselves wanting at the time of death to one of their own. After the unfortunate experience during the funeral in Limpopo Karabo engaged one of his associate Tshepiso Mahlangu about what had transpired and that’s how they founded Diphiri.com.

Diphiri.com prides itself in creating comfort during challenging and troubling time of mourning. The organization renders a wide range of services which include slaughtering of cattle, slicing meat, peeling vegetables, cooking, setting up tents, grave closure, washing dishes, and general labour. Their services can be attained through a monthly contribution of R75 or a once-off payment of R 10 000 if you’re not a registered member of the entity. Diphiri.com head offices can be located at 403 Block AA in Soshanguve. “We service the whole of Gauteng and other surrounding provinces” said Karabo Motshwane.

It goes without saying that nobody wants to experience the unfortunate event of a loved one’s passing; however death is the one thing that is inevitable for all of us. It’s for this reason that one should put means in place that will relieve your loved ones of any significant stress during this time of uncertainty. Diphiri.com just like its motto says ‘ensures you focus on what is important while they do all the labour during your time of mourning’.

Diphiri.com works with various entities in its dealings including families, burial societies, funeral parlours and youth. “We are an option that youth have been waiting for. Youth don’t want to join traditional burial societies and yet require assistance, Diphiri.com provides that alternative”, added Karabo. To join as a member or beneficiary of Diphiri.com wide range of services you just need to call/whatsapp them your details and those of your beneficiaries from the comfort of your home or private space no meetings are necessary whatsoever.

Just like any small business Diphiri.com has had its fair share of challenges the prime being working with family and friends who undermined the value of the business during its foundation phase.  However the founders of the business had to remind the employees that they were running a business and professionalism and right ethics were important. “Diphiri.com wants to continue creating employment for more people and awaken the spirit of Ubuntu in our communities” said Karabo.

To get in touch with Diphiri.com simply call/whatsapp 0793042570 or email info@diphiri.com you can also catch them on social media Facebook: Diphiri.com and on Twitter and Instagram is Diphiridotcom. Don’t wait until its late contact Diphiri.com now and rest assured you and your loved ones will be laid to rest with dignity.


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Tsholo Sehume

Tsholo Sehume is an entrepreneur, design strategy student, eBook publisher, and eLearning course designer and instructor. He is the founder and operator of two websites, www.kasipedia.com and www.ubuntucation.com.

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