Nkome ke monate Gingerbeer is a small-scale manufacturer that is led by a Black African woman known as Refilwe Mokoena. It is located in the township of Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria. The business is still at its starting point and has a bright future, according to Refilwe. They are on the brink of penetrating a profitable market in a rapidly growing economy.

Inspired by her mother Gladys Nkome, Refilwe saw a great business opportunity and started brewing the ginger beer at home. She told Tsa Pitori that her mother always makes it at their family gatherings and people love it. “I found a niche that I can make it and sell it to the public”-she further explained..

Nkome ke monate ginger beer is made of simple ingredients such as ground ginger powder, brown sugar, cream of tartar, tartaric acid and water. It also have health benefits such as improvement of digestion, it soothes respiratory symptoms, has anti-inflammatory properties, it relieves nausea (best suited for pregnant women struggling with morning sickness), it helps to prevent colon cancer and it helps fights infections.

The small-scale manufacturer intends to provide customers with more than just an old-style ginger beer. Refilwe explained to Tsa Pitori that they are looking at providing quality cocktail that will not only be refreshing and pleasurable but also encourage gatherings and having fun. “The current trend towards an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and competition amongst existing companies presents an opportunity for Nkome ke monate ginger beer to penetrate the market”-Refilwe said.

Refilwe is working towards making Nkome ke monate a well known ginger beer that is enjoyed not only in Ga-Rankuwa but Pretoria as a whole and surrounding places. Nkome ke monate promise to be extremely high quality to ensure customer’s satisfaction, supported by impeccable service to their customers. As the small manufacturer prospers and grows, it will create job opportunities for the people of Ga-Rankuwa and surrounding areas as a way of giving back to the community.

People who have consumed Nkome ke monate are giving positive feedback about the ginger beer. She said her customers are saying that the ginger beer is refreshing and go down the throat very well with the ginger ingredient tasting amazing. Refilwe can be reached at her personal email address: RefilweChris@gmail.com. She is also reachable on her Whatsapp number: 065 1322 569 for placing and collecting orders.


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