Do you run a Shisa Nyama or in the process of opening one? Do you want a unique sauce that will add great flavor to your food? Do not look any further, the king of sauce from Mamelodi-Nelmaphius is just the guy for you. Alfred Mogale (40) produces a special sauce from scratch with special herbs. Alfred calls his sauce ‘chilli baba’ which means hot chilli. He says the idea was introduced to him by his nephew who is a qualified chef and also his business partner.  Alfred, alongside his nephew have been cooking chilli baba sauce for almost seven years now. According to Alfred, the sauce has been getting positive reviews from their clients.

Due to the response they were getting from people about the sauce, Alfred and his business partner decided to invest on the sauce. Alfred describes his sauce as one of the best sauces in Mzansi. He says his sauce is different from any other sauces one may have tasted. It has a unique taste and it is also appetising. “My sauce is chilli but it can fade away from the tongue very quickly, therefore anyone can consume it without getting sick or affected.”-Alfred.

The sauce has gained support from people around and outside Mamelodi. Alfred says he has been receiving positive feed back from his customers. “I have been approached by a few clients who had a problem with consuming hot sauce because of having problems with ulcers and they said with my sauce, they do not even feel like they have ulcer”-Alfred

The idea behind Alfred cooking chilli baba sauce was to give back to the community by creating employment for the people of Mamelodi. Currently, Alfred has twelve volunteers whom he gives allowances because the company has just picked up from the ground. Alfred says they are also trying to grow the company so that it can employ people on a permanent basis. “I believe our product is capable of creating employment nationwide”-Alfred said.

The sauce has not yet been distributed to any big retail stores. “We are working on reaching retail stores nationwide and sell our sauce”-Alfred.  Alfred says he wants to see their brand growing nationally and internationally as they believe that this is a product that is 100% black owned and also has a capability of creating employment in all nine provinces.

Chilli Baba sauce is packaged in glass bottles. Alfred told Tsa Pitori that kind of packaging is way cheaper and easy to use rather than using plastic bottles. He says the bottles are also environmental friendly because they can be recycled. Their flavors are currently mild, hot, extra hot, lemon and herb, sweet chilli and barbeque.

One can learn more about chilli Baba hot sauce on their website, or email Alfred directly at to place their orders.  The sauce is only R25 a bottle. Get yourself a bottle and be a witness!


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