Imagine coming home from work on a Friday afternoon tired and thirsty, only to find an ice cold beer with the name brand of your township waiting for you. Imagine the happiness and joy of sipping on a beer that feels like home? Mamelodi Lager is that beer I am talking about, the alcoholic beverage was founded and is led by Melusi Hlwempu, a Mamelodi born business man.

Melusi described Mamelodi Lager as a clean crisp malt character supported by a herbal hop aroma, an appearance that is golden in colour. Light in body, medium to high carbonation levels with a full flavoured mouth feel as a result of the 100% malt used.

Melusi started off as a Web Developer for one of the banks,  and years later he is in the solutions space. Besides Mamelodi Lager, Melusi runs an IT company called Tickcount. They specialize in software development, small projects and consulting.

He explained that he has always had interest for beer. Melusi said he spent a couple of years in Cape Town and the need to have Mamelodi beer was fuelled by the number of breweries down there. “Our flagship lager was inspired by its people’s love and passion for their home. The love that people of Mamelodi have for the place is quite amazing. You see it more when you are away from home”-Melusi explained to Tsa Pitori.

Their first batch was realised in December 2017. “We started off with 440ml bottles, recently rebranded, it is now available in 340ml bottles”-Melusi.

The beer is not brewed in Mamelodi for now yet it taste like home. They are contract brewing with SHP in Cape Town, having a brewery in Mamelodi is in their future-plans. “In line with our business charter, we will have a brewery in Mamelodi, 35 plus sustainable job opportunities and some strong footprint in the rest of South Africa, SADC, Sub/East Africa and some European countries”-Melusi explained to Tsa Pitori.

The building of a brewery in Mamelodi will bring endless opportunities, according to Melusi. “There will be endless benefits to the local kasi economy, directly and indirectly”-Melusi.

Mamelodi Lager is popularly known in Johannesburg, Cape Town and of cause its home town Pretoria. Melusi said they are working on getting their national footprint aligned with their approach.

Mamelodi Lager can be found in bottle stores in Mamelodi, your local Spar tops and liquor city.

With the support and love of people, Mamelodi Lager team is pleading with people to kindly help them reach 3k followers on Facebook/Instagram.

They are on social media:

  • Facebook: Mamelodi Lager – Our Home Our Beer
  • Instragram: @Mamelodilager


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