Udumo entertainment held its 3rd annual Mamelodi theatre festival over the weekend. The two days affair showcased local acts such as poetry, drama and various cultural dances. Udumo entertainment founder, Mondli Zuluboy Goqo, said that the aim of the festival is to introduce theatre and celebrate various cultures in the community. He also hopes that the Festival will challenge the stereotypical mindset that one cannot make a living through arts while it also exposes the young audience to various opportunities that are available within the creativity industry.

In collaboration with Phetogo cultural group, the festival had given the newly formed group an opportunity to entertain the audience with Setswana dance. Founder of Phetogo cultural group, Lesego Mashigo says, as the Tswana name suggest change, he would also like to be part of the change that shapes the community that is confronted with drugs( nyaope) and alcohol abuse through his cultural group.

He speaks fondly that while he’s still doing his grade 11 at Vukani Secondary School he prides himself by giving his time in the community teaching both the young and old Setswana dance. Since its conception in 2015, Udumo has become a favorite in the community for its Zulu and Pedi traditional dances, nominated in three categories at the Kopano Festival in the University of Pretoria for their theatre play, Death of the queen.

Udumo entertainment located in Mamelodi West, Beer hall offers dance and drama classes for free, from the tender age of 7 to 35. For more info, you can contact Mondli on +27 76 690 3710 or follow them on Facebook @ Udumo entertainment.


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Tsholo Sehume

Tsholo Sehume is an entrepreneur, design strategy student, eBook publisher, and eLearning course designer and instructor. He is the founder and operator of two websites, www.kasipedia.com and www.ubuntucation.com.

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