The music industry may identify him as the “the new kid on the block”, but this new and upcoming rap artist is taking South African music industry by storm. Sango Naude who goes by stage name Elrido Da Vaughn was born and raised in Bhogolethu, Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape. It’s here where he developed his love and passion for music.

His first stage performance was back in 2001 at a school concert at a primary school that he attended. The young rapper then started writing poems and saw the opportunity to use them as lyrics for his songs. “I thought to myself if I can write such work them let me just pursue it further” said the young and versatile artist.

His journey as a musician started in 2007 where he grew interested more and more in music, and fantasized about being in the studio. Like any other newly established musician, Sango is facing challenges in terms of reaching his ultimate goal, he is facing financial problems prior to marketing his music. Regarding his music journey he gets support from family, even though they can’t help him financially but they still cheer for him and give him the emotional support he needs.

In order to pursue his music career Sango decided to relocate to Pretoria to do music as his profession. He got signed by a record label but unfortunately things did not go as planned so he is now independent which means he does his own PR and marketing of his music.

He outsources by using different studios for recording his music, because he does not have his own studio for now. The rapper released a single in 2016 called Summer Nights, his fans can get more of his music on AudioMack and also on his social media pages where he posts links “What I am planning to do is get my own website as time goes by so that I can synchronise everything into one page” commented Sango.

Since his stage name is Elrido Da Vaugh which his fans complained that it is hard to grasp, the rapper is now in the process of re branding to his birth name Sango. He has worked with various producers in the industry but unfortunately due to financial difficulties he can not continue with them any more. “If I can get gigs frequently that can bring money so that I can get the services it would be so much easier” added Sango.

The young and ambitious rapper is currently doing a diploma in Media Practices at Boston Media house. One of his best achievement was getting featured on a magazine called Impertinent Magazine.


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  • LeonSV chabalala
    April 5, 2019

    We really proud of you Sango and we kindly looking forward to more success and more good music this year…keep giving us that music that touches hearts. “You can’t touch music but music can touch you”

  • Gugu
    April 5, 2019

    uMchana ka’Mthura . Keep up the good work Sango we proud and behind you and thanks to Tsa Pitori to cover our artist.

  • Gugu
    April 5, 2019

    uMchana ka’Mthura!!!!! Keep up the good work and never give up. Thank you Tsa Pitori for covering our artist

  • Loki De Aikar
    April 6, 2019

    Ayeye ezase DiDi big ups homes keep it up keep making us proud u know kancane kancane sofika..

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