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Many people love and find the language Sepitori interesting. Sepitori is a mixture of different languages mixed into one language exclusive to inhabitants of Pretoria. Lethabo Bopape is a 24 year old from Nellmapuis. She is a content creator on YouTube, teaching people Sepitori amongst other things.

She registered her channel on 29 October 2019. She used to upload video statuses on WhatsApp before she created the YouTube channel. “I used to create 30 seconds video statuses on WhatsApp and people would enjoy, laugh and most of them would say I deserve a bigger platform like YouTube then I decided to do it.” She says.

Lethabo biggest challenge is not having a camera and lightning equipment for her videos, for now she uses her cellphone. She is planning to reach 2000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in order to get royalties she will use to purchase her camera.

“My channel embodies my character, my energy and personality which you will never find in other YouTube content creators and that is different,” she says. The pandemic has helped increase her watch time as a lot of people were on their cellphones more than before.

Article By: Phozisa Mandela.

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