27 year old Isaac Percy Mabasa, from Pretoria residing in Soshanguve is a radio presenter at SMU FM 97.1 (Medunsa), and has recently taken the role of a presenter at Moja Love Dstv on a show called One Night Stand. The show is aiming to expose and assist victims of One Night Stands. This show is sponsored by Smoked Joint and filmed by GNS Media Africa.

“The show was inspired by true life events from the township as guys we tend to experience so many things, so that’s how I came up with the concept One Night Stand. “The show is unique and different from Uyajola99 because Uyajola99 only focused on exposing and encouraging the victims to dump their partners. “This one will educate and counsel victims of one night stands,” explained Mabasa.

Mabasa said one of challenges that they encountered was that the show was supposed to have been released on 25th April 2021 but due to the workload the production team had it led to deadlines being missed and only two shows were shot instead of the supposed five episodes by now, a new date will be released as soon as they’re done shooting.

“This Show is higly anticipated because of the name used to market it, which is (ONG NYOBELANG) in English why you had sex with me, this name is used to get people talking, the actual name is One Night Stand (ONG NYOBELANG) we used the latter part to entice people to watch this show,” said by Mabasa.

The show is both about entertainment and education, the educational part of this show is to counsel and teach young men and women about the first-time experiences with perpetrates of one night stands. He concluded by saying “well I’m hoping to see society changing their ways more especially guys who always play with women, promising them the world, never get to keep their promises and I’m aiming to advocate for men to become better and treat women better”.

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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