On Saturday, 2nd February thousands of the Economic Freedom Fighters( EFF) dressed in the party’s regalia filled up the Giant Stadium in Soshanguve, Tshwane, where the EFF launched it’s highly anticipated election manifesto. The leader in red, CIC Julius Malema delivered the party’s plans and promises which painted a picture of a new dawn for South Africans under the leadership of the EFF should they win the upcoming General Elections.

Malema told the crowd – we want land now. “We cannot postpone the land question. We cannot postpone the jobs question. It must happen now. We don’t want to be told that we will get the land in 2030. We don’t want to be told that we will get jobs in 2030. We are hungry now. We want to eat now”. Youth unemployment has been a critical issue, as unemployment amongst the youth is on the rise “when you say 50% of the youth is employed, you effectively mean 5% of the youth because the 45% who work are exploited, they work under labor brokers. We want to change that”.

The national wage was also put in the spotlight “Ramaphosa’s minimum wage, we don’t want it. We want a minimum wage but not R3500. Money must get into the people’s pockets”.
Free education, a compulsory curriculum across both private and public schools, 24 hours medical facilities are amongst other things proposed in the party’s 170 pages manifesto, that easily accessible to the public from the party’s website and Facebook page.

The EFF is contesting for the second time in the general election since its conception.


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