President Cyril Ramaphosa got to experience first-hand the discomfort and agony commuters go through on a daily basis going to and from work. The President boarded a train which itself was late at Mabopane Station around 6:30 am and arrived to his designated location Pretoria Station four hours later around 10:30.

Commuters got to share their experience with the President sighting how they feared they could lose their jobs as they almost arrived at work late on a daily basis. The Train was stuck at Marabastad Station over an hour, with assumptions this could be a result of the ongoing load shedding. However the claim was dismissed instantly as one commuter claimed this was an everyday thing that they encountered.

The President promised he would see to it that the matter was resolved as such was unacceptable. He said Prasa cannot in anyway justify this experience and it has to be resolved or heads will turn. There was mixed feeling amongst the commuters as some felt this was just a mere campaign for votes. Others felt that the presence of the President will help the matter moving forward and a resolution would soon be implemented.

President Ramaphosa was late for a Top 6 meeting he had to attend due to the delayed train ride. Prasa in response said the President calling for more train buses to be made available will not resolve the problem. Prasa claimed the problem was constant theft of cables and vandalism to the buses themselves which led to them not being able to function at full capacity.


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