They say sometimes all you need is a spark to light up your fire. Also being at the right place, at the right time could set you off on a path that was meant for you. Rebone Hlagala is on a journey unexposed, underrated and less traveled and she is living her passion. She obtained her BSc in Community and Water Sanitation and went on to get her Honors in Environmental Management.

Her company, Eco Culture is a baby she holds near and dear because in an era where the unemployment rate is at its ultimate high, a lot of the youth are striving to empower themselves by making moves such as she has. She is young, black and inspired and wants to see people do better for the sake of our environment.

To find out more about Eco Culture, her challenges, dreams and this industry she is in, we spoke with her and this is what she had to say:

Q: Briefly, tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start Eco Culture?

A: My name is Rebone Hlagala from Mamelodi East, Mahube. My first job was as a training facilitator. I worked on a project called Tshepo 10 000 which was intended at empowering 10 000 youth from Mamelodi with skills. It was this job that inspired me to start Eco Culture. I fell in love with how education can transform peoples’ lives.

Q: What challenges did you face to get Eco Culture off the ground?

A: Getting accreditation from EWSETA and LGSETA is currently one of our major challenges.

Q: In simple terms what does Eco Culture do?

A: We offer accredited service providers with facilitators, assessors and moderators.  We essentially provide the service providers with human resource to facilitate a learnership or skills programme related to environmental practice and water and sanitation.

Q: What do the workshops and training that you hold entail?

A: The scope of training depends on the client’s need, for example, when I worked on the War on Leaks Project in collaboration with WCEM; we trained the learners on wastewater reticulation services. Learners were able to demonstrate knowledge on water legislations, learners were able to partake in the operation and maintenance of a treatment plant and learners were able to understand the reticulation system of waste water. At Northwest, Mogogelo I facilitated a waste management skills programme where we instilled learners with knowledge about waste, waste sources, legislations and proper manners of disposing it.

Rebone believes exposure is key and is what can build awareness about the effects of what could happen to our environment should we not play our part. So if you are inspired enough, do your bit. Try recycling, try putting rubbish in the bin instead of just throwing it on the ground. Be friendly to your environment. If this topic interests you a whole lot and you might want to study it further make sure your Maths and Science game is on A+ and do research.

To stay in touch with Eco Culture contact them on the following:


Contact details:

Contact number: 079 601 1493



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  1. Well done lady. What an ambitious individual I’ve ever met. You’re such an inspiration. May all the relevant doors open for your company to flourish.

  2. Congratulations on your new venture. I’m so proud to have been your colleague, where I observed your sharp intellect and drive. I have every confidence that you will succeed flying solo and that the Eco Culture Company will be a mover and shaker. You are a trendsetter and very savvy to start this business innovation.

    Well done RiRi

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