Eating healthily is often associated with being of a certain class or being rich and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though these are tough economic times for most of us, taking care of ourselves and our bodies is still essential. Summer is the perfect time to implement and incorporate healthy diet in one’s life.

Healthy living and eating healthy does not require drastic measures. One can start with small changes in one’s life, making substitutions and eliminating some food choices is a good start. When you go shopping instead of buying those bags of chips as a snack, take that R20 and go outside the mall and buy some fruits to begin with, you’ll also be supporting small businesses. When cooking, put less salt and oil as you usually do and drink more water.

So when it comes to a perfect summer diet, one needs to consider juicy, light and fresh foods.
Juicy food tend to fill you up quickly, making you eat less. The juices are also good for the body.So food like watermelon, orange and pear are good for a fruit salad, instead of having a carbs filled breakfast. Fresh food is healthier, so vegetables and fruits are better than shelf food. Your spinach, cabbage, carrots, nuts make for a good diet, and it is always a good idea not to overcook your food, as that will kill all the nutrients. Try having your food as chewable or crunchy as possible, your palate will get used to it.


Small changes in your diet will lead to bigger ones and soon you will realize you have done a 360 and your body will have done the same. A healthy lifestyle is not as expensive, complicated or far-fetched as we might think or believe. We just have to unlearn the unhealthy and learn the healthy ways. Summer body means healthy body, so add some greens to your diet and have a healthy summer.

(Images courtesy of Facebook and Google.)

By: TANIA MOENG(@TaniaMsTan)

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