Social media has become a huge influencer for trends, whether it is fashion, hashtags, new songs, new gadgets or the latest cars. Social media has the power to enhance every new trend that comes in. It markets and promote it until it makes an impact on people in a more imposing way. Even if the trend is negative, social media has a way of turning its tail in order for that trend to look good and thus sway people in its direction just so it gains popularity.

As the festive season is approaching, people do not want to be left out, they are in search for new and fresh trends, something to brag about when the festive season period is over. During festive season time, people just want to have fun, they want to go out on vacations and see places. They want to wear what is trending at that time and they want to listen to songs that are released at that time.

Festive season is a perfect time for artists to release new songs. During this time of the year, people have received bonuses.  They just want to do things that they usually do not do during the year. They want songs that will get them to the dance flow and get them asking for more. They are also looking for a sense of belonging and having ‘that thing’. Therefore, they rely on social media to see what the rest of the world is fussing over.

This year, make sure you learn that Thuso Phala dance and head Vosho. Such dance moves have been trending for quite some time on social media platforms. In terms of clothing and fashion, social media act as an advertising agency. It takes initiative into putting the trending fashion out there. People nowadays are able to shop online just to save time.  It has become a trend that every year, there are music festivals in which people go enjoy themselves.

To end the festive season, others just want to party the night away for working hard throughout the year. The disadvantage of relying on social media is that people post lavish things on social media, which can leave you in a lot of trouble if you had not prepared or budgeted for it. You end up in debt that you have no idea how you are going to pay.  Social media comes with a lot of pressure you must be aware off.

There is a trend that has been circulating around the media spaces called #SebenzaGirl. The trend is basically about empowering a girl child or a girl in particular to work hard and do it for themselves. It has made an impact in people because almost every girl want to see themselves working hard. So in conclusion it’s not all good nor is it all bad, you just need to have responsible fun and remember that at the end of the day life goes on.


(Images courtesy of Facebook and Google.)


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