Starting high school or university is very exciting, people usually look forward to wearing those matric dance outfits and graduation regalia, until it comes to writing their final exams. Students tend to panic during this time of the year and over study; over studying, can only cause one not to get everything in place together in time. Some matriculants and university students wait until it is examination time to start studying for their final examinations, some even ask why they should prepare for examination in time. Studying for exams should begin at the beginning of the year.

Examinations are brutal when you don’t give yourself enough time to prepare. Exams can show you flames, especially when you wait until it is too late. The reason for preparing for your examination in time is quite easy, it is simply to avoid seeing yourself encountering problems in the examination centre.

It is always advisable to always keep up with your work.  Studying can become very easy if one is attending classes and is building relationships with their subject teachers or module professors. Multi-tasking and cramming does not help either. Students usually do this, hoping that they can cram everything and capitalise in the examination room. That will only jinx things and lead a person to anxiety and forgetting most of the information.

Build a relationship with a group of dedicated students, it’s a very good way to prepare for examinations.  A group study session is a great opportunity to share study tips and ideas, exchange notes and ask each other possible questions that might pop up in the examination. This also helps you to seek help within the group, especially for the concepts that you find difficult or the ones you don’t understand.

Technology has made our lives easy; there are previous examination question papers online. Download those previous question papers and test yourself because with examinations, some questions are always repeated.

Sometimes students write notes for the sake of writing them, they don’t know how vital it is to actually go back and revise those notes. Revision is the key to unlock the doors to your progress.  Go back to your notes, revise them until you understand what they mean and how they can help you to achieve your end goal and reign supreme when the results come.

A good night sleep is very essential when preparing for finals.  Trying to stay up all night studying can only cause more damage than good.  Give yourself a time frame to study and have breaks in between. Find something to refresh your mind when you are taking a break from studying, such as listening to music or having snacks.

There is nothing that beats eating healthy and exercising during the preparation of your examination.  A heathy mind goes with healthy living, jog when you can, it helps to relax the mind and get rid of toxics. Following and sticking to these study tips can lead you to that A+ result.

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