We are living in the era of weaves, bleaching, fake boobs and artificial butts all in the name of looking beautiful.  In collaboration with Ramalisa Production and London Royal, Tsa Pitori Media hosted a free photo shoot session at Burgers Park in Tshwane/Pretoria. The photo shoot was on Sunday 2 September 2018 and the aim behind it was to celebrate women from all walks of life as we were coming to the close of women’s month.

During this undertaking stake holders were only concerned with inspiring every female out there to own their identity and define their own meaning of what it means to be beautiful. Taking into account the ill treatment of women by male figures in recent times, this endeavour simply gave the spotlight to women and their wholeness. However what better way to change society than by empowering the youth, thus young man were also afforded the opportunity to participate in this endeavour.

This project was led by Tsa Pitori Media acting project manager Ms Phumudzo Flecia Munyai (model/mentor). “This is merely the beginning as we have much more in the pipeline as we celebrate Tsa Pitori Online Magazine 5th year anniversary this year”- Flecia. The photo shoot included young girls and boys from different parts of Tshwane both upcoming artists and models. They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and this endeavour proved that you do not have to wear expensive make up and designer clothes in order to be confident of yourself.

“I have always had passion for modelling and my dream is to help keep young girls and boys from epidemics like substance abuse and teenage pregnancy by giving them a purpose”-Flecia. It is everybody’s responsibility to participate in transforming our country and personal lives and through collaboration of trendsetters; the goal is much more vivid. Tsa Pitori Media is popular for giving the spotlight to local talent and innovation and this photo shoot was a perfect reflection of that.

Pictures of the photo shoot will be made available through the Tsa Pitori Online Magazine various social media platforms. The media house is also calling out on aspiring talent to come forward and let us assist them grow their craft. Of course more information will be made available soon as we continue to give our own definition of beauty. The media house is also looking to partner with more entities in our future endeavours. “We have established relations with multiple entities for our projects in the near future, so like all our social platforms and follow us to stay informed”-Flecia.

Tsa Pitori Media would like to thank all the stake holders who made this endeavour a success including Luck Ramalisa of Ramalisa Production and Raymond from the boutique London Royal. Remember to follow Tsa Pitori Online Magazine on Facebook, @Tsa_pitori on twitter and Tsapitori on Instagram.



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