The secret to feel good lies with the right undergarment, you call it underwear and I call it a confidence booster. Have you noticed how trying on a new underwear can make you feel good about yourself, even the body insecurities do not come to mind. It is a luxury that only a few of us enjoy. Many of us wear ill-fitting underwear, and this poses a health risk.

Lack of support from a bra can cause breathing problems, back, neck and shoulder pains. It can affect one’s body shape, while tight fitting panties or briefs affects blood circulation. It causes urinal infections, skin rash and ingrown hair. Sweat and vaginal fluids can cause yeast infection (bacteria grows in moist and dark areas).

For men tight underwear raises the temperature of your testicles and it can affect your fertility. If you are brave and comfortable in going commando (not wearing underwear) it is advisable to do so at night, during the day seams on your pants can cause friction and irritate the soft tissues on your genital areas.

Shopping for an underwear can be a daunting task, with many options to choose from, it is easy to walk out of the store discouraged, however a right fitting underwear is essential.

The following tips will make your shopping experience a breeze:

  1. Understand your body, what is cute on the rail might not be for your body type e.g a woman with a full chest will look flattering in a T-shirt bra or contour bra than a padded or push up bra
  2. Factors such as ovulation, a bra design or brands can affect your regular bra size, it is advisable to ask to be measured when trying on a bra
  3. If it feels uncomfortable, do not buy. If your chest overspills in the cup, do not buy, support is vital.
  4. For bottoms it is hard to tell if the material isn’t too tight, you cannot try it on for hygiene purpose, go up on your usual size( if you are x small, buy small)
  5. Shop for a durable and breathable material
  6. Lastly shopping for an underwear should be a personal intimate experience, don’t rush through it and have fun


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