Hundreds of ambitious participants in the 2019 Idols auditions gathered outside State Theatre in Sammy Marks Square Tshwane on the eve of the event, 25 January. Pupils started gathering on Friday afternoon from all walks of life to come showcase their singing skills during the auditions which were to be held from the next morning, 26 January 2019. The atmosphere was electrifying with different hymns and songs being echoed around the State Theatre building.

The attendants had started queuing up as early as 4pm on the eve of the event with the goal of gaining first entry into the auditioning theatre. The joyous atmosphere was shortly interrupted by the heavy rain which started showering around 8pm on Friday evening. Naledi Sokhela (22) all the way from Mpumalanga had this to say “come rain or sunshine nothing will derail me from participating in this auditions”. The designated venue was marked by participants who have travelled from both far and close with the objective of blowing the judges away.

The Tshwane State Theater has in the recent past gained popularity for unearthing great talent as a result of participating in Idols talent search. It’s without surprise the participants were hyped up and eager to get the auditions underway in 2015 Tshwane walked away with 19 Golden tickets, 21 in 2016 and 18 in 2017. A lot of youth with aspirations of kick starting a career in the music industry come to Idols for Salvation and 2019 is no exception.

The 26 January 2019 was characterised by thousands of vivid talented singers from across Mzansi who came to try their luck at this prestigious event. The whole arrangement for the auditions was rather different this year as participants had to audition to the back-up singers employed by Idols before they could advance to the panel of in-house judges as customary. Likewise the were those who were delighted with their auditions and those who were not so happy with the feedback. “So I went to Pretoria State Theatre auditions and unfortunately I didn’t make it, so I’m going to try Jo’burg auditions 16 Feb”, posted YiNtokazi YakwaShamase Maveyane on the Idols SA 2019 Facebook group.

This was the first Idols Auditions for 2019 and if you fancy trying your luck the next auditions are as follows Durban – 9 February 2019, Johannesburg – 16 February 2019, Capetown – 2 March 2019.

By: Zanele Khumalo.

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