Sunday 28 July 2019 saw residents of Tshwane/Pretoria and those from neighboring cities come together under the name of comedy at the Sun Arena, Menlyn. The event organized by Ramorwa & Sons featured household name in the South African comedy industry. Masses came out in their numbers as the event was sold out to capacity. As the clock struck 7pm the event was ready to begin as scheduled, so we’re the attendants ready to laugh their socks off. Everything looked well organised and the weather was in sync with the atmosphere of the event.

Elton Mduduzi welcomed the crowd with a handful of jokes as the host for the first segment of the show. He brought out first Kedibone Mulaudzi a comedy veteran who likewise came out blazing and set the bar for every comedian who was to follow. The show through its extended line up offered variety and was able to cater for people from all walks of life. Comedy is known for its capacity to have the audience self introspect and laugh at some of the events they endure in their daily lives, laugh it off was no exception.

It’s always beautiful to see the excellence that materialize everytime South African talent come together to work in unison. Without fear or favor every comedian came through and brought their best For the night. Everyone attending the event were in stitches as they laughed the night away. Dillan Oliphant and Simphiwe Shembe were some of the comedians that had the crowd laughing uncontrollably. The first segment quickly came to its conclusion and it was clear by then the remainder of the night would be flames.

Jay Boogie was the next man to come on stage as the host for the second segment of the show and his wild character was welcomed with cheers by the crowd attending the show. Due to time constraints the second segment was slightly rushed so as to can make provision for as many comedians on the night as possible to do what they do best. The event had been proclaimed a few weeks before it took place that it would be Tol Ass Mo last as a stand up comedian, the veteran was hanging the boots after 15 years of gracing the stage with memories we will forever cherish.

Indeed as one chapter comes to an end another begins and takes form.The second segment was dominated by new kids on the block in regards to comedy.Multi B Comedian and Tebogo The Comedian we’re some of the acts on the night who showed great potential and the capacity to one day be household names. Another comedian who has quickly become a favorite in comedy especially to fellow Pitorians is The Funny Chef. Her sense of humor and Pitori Taal had the crowd on her palm as she delivered her set.

It’s true indeed that time flies when you’re having fun as it was evident that some of the comedians booked for the night wouldn’t make the stage due to time constraints. Before the moment everyone was waiting for came to pass, Pitori prodigal son Braa Thabiso came to the stage and cemented his place as one of the funniest comedians to come out of Pitori. It was finally that time as Tol Ass Mo was brought to the stage as the last act of the night. He reminded everyone why he had grown to be loved and respected as one of the best comedians South Africa has had.

The evening and event were finally at its conclusion and Jay Boogie insisted the comedians for the night formulate a guard of honor as Tol Ass Mo was given a heartfelt standing ovation for the last time.


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