When you have finally met the person who treats you the way you deserve, you tend to strive for the relationship to stay that way for the longest time. A romantic relationship is fun and exciting in the beginning but it can be dull and boring at times. It is like a baby, it needs to be taken care of and pampered. It is with no doubt that a long term union has its ups and downs. To keep the spark going on for a long time can challenging as well because it is possible for  lovers to run out of things to do together. Some of them are tempted to cheat on their partners just to find what they don’t get from their partners. People even turn to therapy sessions because their expectations are not met. Regardless of all the ups and downs, it takes two people who love each other to maintain a healthy and a successful relationship.

Here are some of the tips to reignite the spark in a relationship:

Spend more quality time together

People can get busy and forget to make time for their partners. Spending time together with your partner helps to find a way back to each other. Couples get to realize how much they missed each other and they get time to bond. They also get time to talk about their feelings.

Flirt with your partner

Take it to when you first met. According to an article on, flirting can be different for every couple. It may feel awkward to send inappropriate messages to a person you’ve been dating for the longest time but it can be exciting as well. It can arouse the adrenaline.

Go on a little baecation

Getting away together may help couples to focus more on each other. North Western University’s licenced clinical therapist at the Family Institute, Alexandra Solomon said in an article published online that “It is important to discuss how much time you are going to spend together. Decide whether you want to have more sex than usual and get a chance to talk about what you hope to achieve as a couple in terms of your relationship”

Minimise arguments

Arguments in a relationship are always there. Try to find a way to avoid them. Apologies when you are wrong and don’t start fights over small things. Rather laugh more than fighting more. That will make your partner to miss you even more. Call him/her every day, just to check up on him/her. Also remind them that you love them.

Learn to complement each other

Try to focus more on the positive than the negative. For example, even if you have seen him with a new haircut before, complement him when he gets one. He looks handsome. When she cooks for you tell her that the food tastes nice, even if you’ve tasted it before. That will boost the relationship and reignite the spark!



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