Turn up Comedy night is about to turn Soshanguve Block KK fruit of the spirit hall up with laughter. Born and breed in Soshanguve-Pretoria, humorous Gopolang Matjie alongside his friend Thabo Mokwena will be hosting their first ever annual comedy night. Gopolang and Thabo are the brains behind the whole comedy show that will be hosted on the 9TH of March 2019. With the help and support he has been receiving from his parents, Gopolang managed to follow his passion and love for cracking jokes.

He describes himself as a down to earth person, bubbly and humorous. He says he is a person who likes to make people around him happy and free at all times. His love for comedy started from a very tender age. When asked why he chose comedy, he said to Tsa Pitori that he chose it because it’s his talent. “I discovered during my high school years that I am a comedian when people reacted positively with laughter to my unrehearsed jokes. That inspired me to do more”- He said.

He said he was also inspired by a lot of people in the comedy industry. Those are the people he looks up too. Apart from cracking jokes and making people laugh, Gopolang is a Human Resources student. He believes that Education is a key that open doors and opportunities. Talent alone cannot be enough, he said. Adding that even comedians needs to have education as backup in order to boost them just in case comedy does not work in their favour.

Gopolang explained to Tsa Pitori that the comedy night is meant to bring all the local comedians in one place to entertain all kinds of people. Young and old. “The reason why I am hosting comedy shows is because we hardly have or find any comedy events in Soshanguve”-Says Gopolang. He says people from Soshanguve go as far as Johannesburg to watch comedy while they have local comedians that can save them money and time.

One of the highlights of Gopolang’s journey with comedy was when he was invited to a comedy night to perform. He says the audience welcomed his art and they have given him a positive feedback. Gopolang says they were laughing their hearts out. That is one of the things that encouraged him to come up with more jokes.

On the lineup of the first event is Gopolang, Refentse Mabaso, Prince Mabaso, Dngary boys and Allan Kgotlelelo. Gopolang is promising that he will give the best Comedy night people from Soshanguve has ever seen.

Gopolang told Tsa Pitori that he wants to see his comedy nights succeeding and gaining momentum. He says he wants to hold comedy nights in all nine provincies. He wants #Turn up comedy nights to be well know even outside South Africa. He is promising nothing but entertainment to the community of Soshanguve. Gopolang urges people from Soshanguve to come in numbers to support him. Entry is only R50.


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