Rethabile Ditabo is a thriving township entrepreneur from Mabopane in the outskirts of the north of Pretoria. The founder of Baapei Funeral Caterer is determined to serve the community with her catering services. Baapei Funeral Caterer was established in May 2019 after Rethabile sold her 3 year old fast food shop which was doing well. “I was forced to do something because I had bills to pay and kids to feed”, as she explained. 

 Baapei which is translated “the cooks” is a catering company which also offers grocery for stokvels and décor for all kinds of functions. “We have 22 employees and our main focus is catering for funerals, and we cater for all kinds of events around Pretoria and surrounding areas within 80 km.” She said. Rethabile is a true example of an English proverb “use lemons to create lemonade”. “I matriculated in 2006 with no formal degree and I never had any training for my business. I am just business minded, although I recently enrolled for a hospitality course to help improve my skills”, she said.

She has been through a lot of challenges like losing her business but never gave up. “My advice to any business owner and aspirant is that they should be patient and eager to learn since the market is constantly changing. My goal is to open more branches around Pretoria.” She said. Baapei’s target market is anyone between the ages of 25-45.

To keep in touch Baapei Funeral Caterer contact Rethabile on 0794526253 or visit one of their offices at Mapobane 1037 ODI Block V.

By: Hulisani Mashiane.

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