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Ditsong National museum of Natural History is one of the biggest museums in South Africa. The museum has the largest collection of Southern African beetles in the world.  It boasts the largest representation of South Africa’s birds and herpetology in the world and the largest collection of moths and butterflies in Africa. It was founded as the Staatsmuseum (Afrikaans for “State Museum”) of the ZAR on 1 December 1892, and J. W. B. Gunning was appointed as its first director.

The museum was formerly known as Transvaal museum. It is situated in Pretoria, South Africa Paul Kruger Street between Visagie and Minnaar opposite the Pretoria city hall. Museums form part of interpreting to the world and telling the story of the country’s history.  It is also an amazing place for any groups be it friends companions or family.

 As described by wikipedia the museum curates large collections of Plio-Pleistocene fossils, including hominids from SterkfonteinSwartkrans and Kromdraai in the UNESCO World Heritage Site; the Cradle of Humankind, as well as late Permian therapsids (proto-mammals from the Karoo). The most complete skull of an Australopithecus africanus specimen, Mrs Ples, is on display in the museum. In addition, the Transvaal museum houses extensive collections of mammals, birds, reptiles, and invertebrates.

It needs a bit of renovating as some exhibits are missing and many in poor state. The staff is helpful and they have knowledge about the things in the museum. It is also a nice and safe environment for children. Despite having some bad reviews on social media Ditsong is rich with history and national pride.


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