Designer and drawing artist, Kopano Brand is a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Atteridgeville, Pretoria. She specializes in designing and customizing clothes. She said that it’s all about changing any item of clothing, sneakers included, into something fresh and looking brand new. She also works with plain material; with this she adds any cartoon or feature that the client wants. She runs her business from home in Atteridgeville. Kopano started the business (Kegano_Clothing_Brand) alone back in 2018.

The entrepreneur states that she gets inspiration from other clothing brands, she observes how they run their business and also engages with local brands like Nami Spina and Vincoco. With hard work and dedication, Kopano aims for her brand to reach South Africa as a whole, have franchises where customers can get any design of clothing they prefer. “I personally know that through passion, and consistency, one’s dream will definitely be accomplished.” She added

Kopano feels very confident and proud of her work, she told Tsa Pitori that her business is growing, the support is immaculate, and she sees greatness in her work. The higher levels of the lockdown slowed down the business for a while. She faced challenges as she had to put her customers on hold. Delivering the products became a bit of a problem. But she is now able to engage with her customers through the safety of sanitizing before designing and when delivering.

The young entrepreneur’s family has always been supportive of her ideas and creativity, she still receives a lot of support, advise and motivation from them. “Success is no accident, it is hard work, learning, studying, sacrifice. But most importantly, you need to love what you do.” She said. #ladi_jaja?

Article By: Thuli Galane.

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