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Assalaamu Alaikum, The South African Muslim Council , extends its best wishes to their Muslim brothers and sisters in the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the festive month during which Muslims around the globe reflect on and renew their faith. They honor each day of Ramadan as a day of patient endurance through fasting, and each night as a night of gratitude through prayers. Ramadan is also a month of giving, as Muslims reach out to assist those afflicted by hunger, poverty, and disease.

“This is the Second Ramadan during Covid 19 whereby majority of our people are faced with hunger as they lost thier jobs, We have taken upon ourselves as the Muslim Community to continue helping in any way during this month.” Kgothatso Abdul Rashid Ramautswa the spokesperson of the South African Muslim Council.

South African Muslims Council will continue to serve the less fortunate, hosting inter-faith activities that promote tolerance and build understanding among religious communities.

“To all our Muslim brothers and sisters across the Globe We send our warmest Ramadan greetings. May this month of blessings be a time of contemplation and celebration. Ramadan Kareem.” Concluded Ramautswa. #ladi_jaja?

Press Release.

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