A man that has been on the run after discharging a firearm in a public place on the N4 Doornpoort Tollgate in December 2020, was hunted down and arrested on Tuesday, 12 January 2021. During his arrest in Pretoria North, the suspect was found with a total of 9 unlicensed firearms and over 100 ammunition.

In mid-December 2020 a video went viral on social media depicting an unknown man firing several shots in the air using a handgun. A case docket was opened by police at Sinoville SAPS and a tracing team immediately commenced with a search for the suspect.

After following several leads, the suspect was identified. On Tuesday, the tracing team with the assistance of Public Order Police went to the suspect’s place of residence in Pretoria North. While conducting the search and investigation, a total number of 9 unlicensed firearms and more than 100 ammunition of different calibres were found.

On top of discharging of a firearm in a municipal place, police will now add charges of possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition. These firearms will be sent for ballistic tests to determine if they have not been used in the commission of other crimes.

The Acting Provincial Commissioner of the police in Gauteng Major General Tommy Mthombeni commended the police officers who worked tirelessly to ensure that the suspect is arrested.

“I hold in high regard the police officers who worked around the clock to trace the suspect. Those who disobey the laws of the country and ignore the call by government to surrender illegal and unwanted firearms during the amnesty period will be dealt with decisively” cited the Acting Provincial Commissioner.

The suspect is expected to appear at Pretoria North Magistrate Court on Thursday, 14 January 2021. #ladi_jaja?

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