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We call courses with the KASI in mind ‘eduKASI’

Online courses for KASI

Kasipedia Ambassador Fundamentals

Become a Kasipedia Ambassador and play a vital role in capturing #AllThingsKASI! Take our "Kasipedia Ambassador Fundamentals" course.

Web Design, Analytics & Security for KASI

Essential Website Skills (Design, Analytics & Security) to build Professional & eCommerce Websites for KASI organisations​ & beyond

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a name we came up with for our partnership to deliver training and educational resources to KASIs. We do it through Ubuntucation. Ubuntucation is the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgement, and, generally, of preparing oneself or others intellectually for life founded on the principles of ubuntu.
Kasipedia are on a mission to bridge the knowledge and digital gap by providing educational and training resources (eduKASI) Ubuntucation is a tailored approach and program designed to upskill and empower young African talent, predominantly, and to promote small businesses by offering skills training, certification, coaching and linkages to income generating & digital promotion / marketing opportunities. It is a partnership where Kasipedia (Pty) Ltd supports Ubuntucation and Rooting Hope (NPO). We support the invitation to  sponsors, donors, and partners with ideas and resources to join us on this mission!
Our mission is to implement this model for preparing income seekers to take advantage of current opportunities within the Kasi Digital Economy and to empower them to become the relevant workforce, credible service providers, and leaders in a post-COVID-19 society by bridging the knowledge and digital gap and to prepare our members for the 21st Century without compromising values and principles of Ubuntu. We believe that the current global economic and education system is in need of a more conscience-driven, relevant, community-centered approach that is for the the people, has high-moral standards and takes advantage of tech, especially in the KASI communities we are focusing on. We believe that eduKASI (i.e. Ubuntucation) is a force for good. And it starts with the individual (Motho).

Not always! Most of our courses are completely free or subsidised. All you must do to access the learning material (courses / tutorials) is to create an account on www.ubuntucation.com

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