Zandspruit – Gauteng, South Africa

Zandspruit – Gauteng, South Africa

Zandspruit is a township in the Region C of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It has been the scene of potential opportunities with regards to development by private and public entities. Several complaints against apathy and incompetence on the part of the local municipal authority have been raised and as a result development has slowly occurred.

Over the years the place has seen development in various areas. Life quality has gotten better and it has improved due to efforts by the members of the community. And this has resulted in teenagers collaborating to establish an online community based radio, active sports teams and cultural and extra curricular opportunities for primary children Several members and students have gotten the opportunity to improve their lives through the concentrated effort of the community on encouraging the importance of self education and entrepreneurship.

Watch the video below to see how the community has managed to make gains in community improvements.

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